American Piping & Boiler Co.

APB started out in 1965 as a general contractor specializing in industrial and power generation projects, and slowly became adept at building construction, which involves control over the many subcontract disciplines. In only the past 7 years, we have successfully completed almost 400 projects, which we believe demonstrates a high level of multiple project management.

APB has developed a core group of highly experienced men and women, including foremen, superintendents, subcontractors, project coordinators, project engineers and project managers capable of 

estimating and managing a variety of government and private-sector projects. The management personnel have a tremendous amount of experience and understanding of Government contracting and, more specifically, an understanding of the means and methods used to successfully manage multiple small and medium size projects. APB currently manages multiple private and NAVFAC Hawaii construction contracts, which include new construction, maintenance, service, renovation, underground utilities, wastewater, industrial plants, power plant, and refinery work.


APB provides a variety of construction services including: civil/site work construction, structural steel, HVAC, mechanical, and industrial buildings. One of the largest industrial contractors in Hawaii, with one of the largest equipment fleets, APB owners,

management and employees have rock solid experience and a keen knowledge of the Industrial, Petrochemical, Energy and Government Contracting markets, their clients, subcontractors and workforce.  With active safety and quality control programs, APB has

developed a reputation for safely completing projects of the highest quality with on-time/on budget project delivery. 

Safety Awards

EMR Ratings

Safety First

APB is committed to Safety first on every project. Our top priority, that is communicated and stressed to our employees and subcontractors are the importance of safety and health while working and completing daily planned project assignments.

It is APB’s Safety Director’s, Safety Managers’, and Safety Supervisors’ main concern to keep its employees injury free and healthy for their families and loved ones.

APB promotes safety practices on its jobsites by:

  • Educating employees with weekly toolbox meetings
  • Maintaining required semi-annual and annual training programs
  • Accountability of management and employee regarding safety compliance
  • Addressing and timely correction of safety issues and at risk behavior
  • Acknowledging and rewarding safe work practices
  • Maintaining good communication with project management staff
  • Performing weekly safety audits and supervisor safety meetings

Prior to a job’s start, employee involvement in the job hazard analysis process has made a huge impact on safety awareness. This process actively involves employee interaction by reviewing the hazard assessments and hazard preventions together.

These actions have encouraged APB’s employees to be more safety conscious and enabled them to work as a team with safety in mind at all times.

APB currently has 20 Safety Trained Supervisors (STS) and 2 CHST’s (Construction Health & Safety Tech). These employees take pride in being safety knowledgeable.

Securing a “safety culture” in a construction world of “production first” has been and is a continuous challenge. However, the reward of safe and healthy employees far outweighs any production goals met.

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John Smith – Vice President