Industrial/ Refinery Work

The preferred choice for the maintenance and modernization of power-generating and refinery facilities. Refinery clients include Par Hawai‘i (fka Tesoro and Chevron) and Hawai‘i Gas.  Power-producing clients include AES (coal), Covanta H-Power (waste), and HECO (multi-fuel generation).


Our licensed electricians can handle virtually any electrical project, including power and control wiring.


Installations that involve process and pressure piping and boilers; any water, chilled water, sewage, steam, liquid fuel, and gas line. Includes management of other facilities, such as public and private wastewater pump stations and treatment plants, as well as regional water supply pumping stations.


Work involves the construction of foundations, slabs and vertical concrete structures.  Due to our equipment, we specialize in large-scale, tilt-up projects and super-flat slab construction with stringent FF/FL criteria.


Civil work includes mass excavations, trenches, foundations, as well as the construction of roads and parking lots.

Structural Steel

Steel fabrication and installation of light, medium, and heavy steel structures. We also manufacture and repair high-pressure vessels for the commercial and industrial sectors. Furthermore, we distribute and install the Varco-Pruden line of prefabricated metal buildings.

Cranes & Rigging

We have one of the largest crane fleets in Hawai‘i, the largest in size with a capacity of 660 tons. In addition to supporting our own construction/maintenance projects, they may also be rented/leased.

Renewable Energy

Installation and maintenance of commercial PV systems, wind farms, and wind turbines.

HVAC Service & Repair

Offering residential and commercial HVAC services ranging from new installations, replacements, troubleshooting, servicing, and system disposal to larger applications
such as chillers, cooling towers, and pumps.